What Board Games and Puzzles Can Do

Many computer and video games have proven popular today, but older forms of entertainment are still endearing to players young and old even now in the 21st century. Sports board games, for example, replicate sports like baseball, football, soccer, and more in the convenience of the player’s living room, and many sports board games may be found today. Aside from sports board games, today’s gamers may also appreciate jigsaw puzzles, which provide more mental boosts than some people may realize. Doing a 750 piece puzzle or monster 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles are a fine mental exercise for players young and old. And that’s not even counting the creativity involved in wood craft kits.

On Puzzles

Puzzles date back at least 200 years, but jigsaw puzzles as we know them now really became standard in the early 1900s or so. These are simple toys to make and use: they are simply a sheet of cardboard with an image printed on it, and this product is cut up into many interlocking pieces. Puzzles vary widely in the content of their image to the number and size of the pieces, meaning that anyone can use them. Kids may use puzzles with just a few hundred pieces, while adults may appreciate the challenge of multi-thousand piece puzzle. These is healthy play for anyone; putting together a puzzle involves problem solving and logic skills to assemble many different parts to create a cohesive, pre-set image. This is essential for kids, since their brains are still growing, and even the physical act of moving your hands to assemble the puzzle is helpful. Kids need gross motor play to enhance their brains, and this ranges from outdoor sports to arts and crafts and puzzles, where finer motions are used to complete a task. On top of that, elderly adults with Alzheimer’s may get a mental boost from puzzles, and studies have shown that a strong social life and logic puzzles slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s. Even something as simple and humble as a puzzle can have this positive mental effect, among others.

Board Games

Various board games such as sports board games have many similar benefits as puzzles do. These board games also involve mental stimulation, problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking, and many parents will appreciate this “brain food” for their kids. Such board games help keep kids from looking at too many electronic screens during the day, and board games come in a wide variety of skill levels and play styles. Some board games are geared for small children, and are simile and colorful. Parents may play along to teach their kids good sportsmanship, simple problem solving and direction-following skills, and teach them to focus on one task at a time. Meanwhile, more advanced board games exist for older kids, which may involve more complex rules and decision-making. And finally, some board games are meant for adults exclusively.

Some board games can be adjusted for players of different ages or skill levels, including sports board games that simulate baseball or soccer. In other cases, these games are heavily detailed simulation board games, and older teenagers and adults may get the most out of them. Board games are not just for kids; adults may have a lot of fun and keep their minds sharp with such games, some of which are tied into pop culture franchises or real sports teams for context. These games will involve a lot of rules, fine details, decision making, tracking many factors at once, and more. But such games may be highly rewarding for the player, and can occupy a whole group of adult players for hours on end. This also maintains sportsmanship and communication skills among players since they’re face to face. Such games may range from concepts such as building a city or a series or railroads all the way to simulating warfare, and war games may involve a lot of strategic thinking and risk management and thinking ahead. Many pieces with different properties may be at work, and the game’s “terrain” may be a factor as well. Some such games involve use of metal or plastic miniature figurines to represent in-game items, and these figures can be assembled and painted as a hobby among skilled enthusiasts.

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