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Are you looking for the latest in online entertainment news? There are a lot of ways you can access entertainment news today, from online magazines to videos and more. Here are some of the most recent updates to hit the columns.

First, the bassist from Mumford and Sons, Ted Dwayne, was rushed to the hospital for a blood clot that occurred in his brain. The band reported that he had been feeling unwell for several days before finally going to the emergency room. Entertainment tonight online sites say that current Mumford and Sons shows are postponed until further rescheduling.

Second, entertainment tonight online sources report that family battles rage over who will become the legal guardian of Paris Jackson, if a decision is to be made. The daughter of the late international superstar, Michael Jackson, Paris recently attempted suicide and has shown other potential indication of mental distress. Some sources have indicated that Debbie Rowe might be chosen as guardianship. Entertainment news online says that the judge is going to determine whether their grandmother, Katherine, is able to take adequately take care of the three Jackson children.

Third, entertainment weekly online sources indicate that Amanda Bynes has reportedly been arrested, yet she has responded saying it is lies and that she was harassed by cops during her arrest, although supposedly witnesses saw nothing of the sort occur. However, it is clear from paparazzi photos that Bynes is being harassed by someone, though in this case, it is the paparazzi. An image clearly shows a reporter pulling at a scarf she keeps around her face as she tried to enter her apartment building. Are we really participating in a healthy entertainment tonight online media environment when a clearly troubled former child star cannot enter her own home without having strangers touch her and try to rile her up?

Fourth, entertainment tonight online posts note that the Bachelorette took an unexpected turn this week when Des found out that one of her potential men definitely was not there for the right reasons. Why? He already had a girlfriend, back at home! Brian denies it when confronted, only to find out that his girlfriend, Stephanie, was actually there on site. It seems likely that his motivations to be on the show were more about the perks of reality tv than about actually falling in love.

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