Thinking About an Electric Powered Skateboard Consider these 5 Tips

Electric powered longboard

Skateboarding is an enjoyable sport or recreational activity. Roughly million people report by themselves that they enjoy to skateboard on a regular basis. This puts them into two categories including casual and core skater. A core skater is defined by someone who skates fewer than 26 times per year, while a core skater is one who skates more than 26 times per year. No matter which category you fall into, investing in an electric powered skateboard is a big investment therefore you want to make sure you are making the best choice. Consider these points before choosing an electric powered skateboard.


Of course many think this is a no brainer, but you should consider price against model, parts, accessories, etc. Quality parts may end up costing more now, but they are going to last much longer than the mass produced products on store shelves. Online research is going to prove to be one of your biggest resources.

Online Reviews

If you are wanting to truly know how well your electric powered skateboard will work,the best thing you can do is turn to others who share your passion. Online reviews will tell you how well others who use the same products rate them. They will let you know whether the parts or products are worth the price. Turning to online reviews can be a sure way to make sure you are getting what you need for a decent price.


There is only so long that an electric skateboard will last. The motor in a motorized skateboard has to be charged and will eventually run out of juice. where you are when you run out juice could potentially be a problem. If your electric powered skateboard is incredibly heavy, how are you going to get it to where you can charge it?Will you be pushing, pulling or carrying it? Consider all of this before choosing an electric skateboard.

Remote Type
Consider what type of remote goes along with your electric skateboard. Different remotes are used different ways, some are powered with your thumb while some are powered by remote. Know how to power it and make sure that it is the most convenient way to do so before making your purchase.

Battery Type

You might not think that matters, but different battery types do make a difference. See how long it takes the battery to charge and see how long you can usually last on one charge. Also check to see if the battery can be replaced. Some batteries are not able to be replaced, while others can. If you are going to spend money then you want to make sure you get what you want.

When choosing an electric powered skateboard, you need to ensure that you are getting the best piece for the best price. This means you have to do your research and window shop. Decide what you like and then research those to see which ones work the best and meet your needs. Talk to store employees and listen to their input, this with your own research can guide you to making the right decision.

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