Taking A Look At The Importance Of Packaging In The United States

From coffee bags bulk to pet food packaging, the packaging of the goods that we buy matters more to us than we might initially and consciously realize. Packaging is hugely important, and more and more people are becoming invested in choosing brands that use packaging that is of an environmentally friendly nature. Not only should packaging now be socially and environmentally conscious, but it must also meet the standards of attractiveness that people are looking for, from the design of it to the materials that are used to construct it. And packaging becomes even more important when it is used for very popular products, such as in the case of coffee bags bulk and pet treat packaging and printed coffee bags too.

For one, coffee bags bulk are needed to have decent packaging, in part because the coffee industry is so large in the United States. In fact, more than half of all of the adults all throughout the entire country of the United States – those who are over the age of eighteen, that is to say – drink at least one cup of coffee each and every day, sometimes even more than that. Data has even shown that the average coffee drinker is even likely to have as many as three cups of coffee to drink over the course of just one single day, making coffee bags bulk more important than ever before, particularly for such regular coffee drinkers who can really take advantage of them (as can, it goes without saying, the coffee shops that have sprung up everywhere and all throughout this country). And these coffee bags bulk are likely to be particularly important during the work week, when nearly half of all currently employed workers (forty six percent of them, to be exact) say that coffee is crucial, even critical, to helping them maintain their overall productivity while they are in their work environment. For the worker who now works remotely, something that is becoming more and more common, more prevalent than ever before, coffee bags bulk can be a great way to save money – but more and more coffee suppliers are offering them, meaning that it is a competitive market in which packaging is everything.

Aside from the coffee industry and coffee bags bulk, pet food is another such industry in which the packaging matters, as pets are hugely common – as the vast majority of us know – all throughout the entire country of the United States. In just the year of 2017 in the country of the United States alone, very nearly seventy billion dollars (just more than sixty nine billion dollars, to be more exact) was spent on pets alone, including, of course, the pet food that is necessary to sustain them and to keep them healthy. As there are more than eighty four million homes – representing about sixty eight percent of the total population of the country of the United States – that own at least one pet and often more in the United States, the demand for pet food is high, and there are many different companies and brands that are looking to fill this need. This means that the competition is pretty steep, and that packaging design will be crucial if a pet food company is looking to continue on and be successful in the industry of pet and, more specifically, pet food here in the country of the United States of America.

All in all, be it pet food packaging or coffee bags bulk, there is absolutely no longer any doubt about it that the way in which we package things matters. Studies back this up, showing that a company that provides a great deal of care and thought into their process of packaging can see an increase in customer base and customer attention by as much as thirty percent when all is said and done, a hugely significant number that should certainly not be overlooked. On top of this, more than eighty percent of all American shoppers read packaging first before ever making a purchasing decision, proving that attention to detail is hugely important.

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