Take Advantage of Activities at Your Local Farm!

Apple farms and pumpkin patches are great places to spend time when the fall season rolls around. However, there are many fall activities and ideas that you should consider when it comes to these places. While hours of operation can vary, and some may not be open year long, you should definitely jump on the opportunity when it arises! Here are a few of the best reasons you should visit your local apple farm or pumpkin patch.

The Best Fall Themed Food

Probably one of the best things about local farms like this is the food you can get there. Apple pies, apple donuts, and apple cider, just to name a few, are all made fresh using the fruit from the farm. These means you are getting the freshest product possible, and you can definitely taste the difference. Additionally, eating locally sourced foods have a range of extra benefits, including:

  • Since the produce is seasonal, this means you can avoid artificial gas ripened fruits and vegetables, or blander foods that lose their nutrients during long shipping periods. What you get is fresh and packed with all the nutrients of the just picked fruits.
  • Eating local also is better for the environment, as the products aren’t being shipped for thousands of miles. This means a reduction in carbon output from the trucks and vehicles used in shipping, as all you need is right there.
  • It can also help maintain the local farmland, as you are directly supporting the farmers and producers in your hometown.
  • It can also be safer for you, as there is less of a chance for contamination. During shipping, and even at the store, you don’t know where or how long something has been sitting out. At a local farm you can have peace of mind that everything is as safe and healthy as possible.
  • Purchasing locally grown foods also helps support your community. The money you spend stays in your community, as opposed to going to a large corporation or another country altogether.

If you want the freshest, and best tasting pumpkin or apple pie you can dream of, your local farm is the way to go. Check the hours of operation at your nearest farm to reap these benefits while you can!

A Unique Wedding Venue

Pumpkin patches and apple farms can also make for unique and memorable wedding venues. Hosting your wedding, or wedding reception, at a farm like this can give a cozy rustic feeling to your big day. You can really go all out with a fall themed decorations too. Use pumpkins as creative centerpieces, take your wedding pictures out in the orchard, and take advantage of the fresh food in your catering.

Having your wedding at a pumpkin patch or apple orchard allows you to take advantage of the natural beauty of the farm, and any kids will definitely have fun and stay occupied! Contact your local farm to find out their hours of operation, and what they can do for you on your big day. Some will offer different packages for you to choose from, and many would be more than happy to help cater and decorate for the event!


While there are many activities I haven’t touched on, like hayrides, wine tastings, and picking your own produce; there are many more activities that each farm will host. Contacting your local farm will allow you to find out hours of operation, and special upcoming events. Some days may differ from others, so staying up to date will help you plan the best family outing. There are a lot of benefits to supporting your local farm, be sure to take advantage of them while you can!

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