New York City Trips Can be Expensive If You Do Not Conduct Your Research

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Every trip has a budget, but if you find yourself getting ready to travel to New York City it is important that you do some serious research ahead of time. From expensive Broadway shows to the price of staying downtown, a visit to the Big Apple can break the bank if you are not careful. Fortunately, there are quite a few tips that can help travelers save money. If, for instance, you do some research and fine the best website to buy Broadway show tickets you might be able to get your budget to stretch to seeing two or three shows, instead of just one.

Unfortunately, too many travelers make the mistake and buy Broadway tickets ahead of time and full price instead of using the best website to buy Broadway show tickets at a far more affordable price. Taking the time to plan for your trip, however, can help you stretch your budget and help you make the most of your trip. Consider some of these facts about some of the most popular Broadway shows and the impact that they have on the industry and the nation’s economy:

  • More than 47 million Americans indicated that they attended a live theatre event within the past months, according to a survey conducted by Nielsen Scarborough in spring 2016.
  • With over 9,100 performances, Phantom of the Opera is currently the longest running show in Broadway history.
  • Although only four of the theatres are actually located on Broadway, Broadway is a collection of 40 professional theatres in New York City.
  • 70% of Broadway tickets are purchased by tourists, so it may come as no surprise that many of them spend more than they need to for some of the most popular attractions.
  • Not-for-profit professional theatres make up another important part of the performing arts market in America, and the attendance rates at these theatres exceeded 30 million a year.
  • Setting a pretty impressive record, Disney?s The Lion King is the first Broadway show to gross $1 billion dollars in total revenue.

If you have an upcoming trip planned to New York City, it is important to make sure that you spend time finding the most affordable Broadway show tickets.
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