Great ideas for your next Halloween costume party

Halloween is a great time of year when you can dress up, eat candy and just have fun! Did you know that 68 percent of Americans say that chocolate is there favorite candy on Halloween? Having a costume party can also be an exciting way to celebrate Halloween. But not having a costume on Halloween can be as scary as ghosts in a haunted house! But fear not ghouls and gals, here are some great ideas for your next Halloween costume that will make your next costume party spook-tacular!

Dress Up as a Super Hero.
Super Heroes are great costumes for parties and can be found at most Halloween stores online or a Halloween store near you. Whether it is Batman, Wonder Woman or any super character it is sure to be a hit at your next costume party. In fact about 3.76 million American kids dress up as a superhero for Halloween.

Dress Up as a Something Scary.
Scary costumes are a classic staple of Halloween. Ever since immigrants from Ireland and Scotland brought Halloween to America during the 1800’s people have dressed up as ghouls, goblins and witches. Did you know that about 5.8 million American adults dress up as witches? A scary costume like a witch, zombie or even a dead baseball player costume could be great and fun choice for your next costume party.

Dress Up as Something Funny.
Everybody loves a good laugh at a Halloween costume party so why not try something goofy this Halloween? Animals, jesters, funny celebrities, the sky is really the limit when it comes to finding something that will give everybody a good laugh!

Dress Up as a Sports Star.
This is another really fun costume that people enjoy dressing up as on Halloween as. You could be a basketball player, or how about a soccer star, maybe even a boxer? This is another awesome choice to show off for a costume party.

So whether you are looking to make give your friends a fright this Halloween, pretend to be a super hero, shoot the winning goal or make them laugh out loud, these are a few costume ideas to get you started this year.

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