Evaluating News

Entertainment weekly online

Entertainment news online runs the gamut from well thought out criticisms of performances to simple blogging about the latest celebrity meltdown. Your online entertainment choices are only limited by your imagination and interests.

In addition to typical online entertainment sources, you can view reactions to the todays performances at various social media sites. As soon as a celebrity does something even vaguely newsworthy, there are probably tweets and social media posts referencing the story.

It used to be that Entertainment Weekly online or Entertainment Tonight online were the two resources for major celebrity news and gossip. These days, even a fan on the street can publish news stories almost instantly. With the advent of the camera phone, online entertainment can be updated instantly to reflect the immediate situation.

These days, we have seen the online entertainment bloggers become celebrities in their own right. For example, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton took a celebrity gossip site from a little known site to a major media asset. That also brings up the questions around credibility for online entertainment news sites.

You can evaluate online entertainment news for its reporting quality with a few simple criteria. First, do they properly cite their sources of information? While media has some protections in revealing sources, there should be some way to validate the information given. You can also look at the bias, in any, in their writing. While lots of online entertainment news sites write truthfully, you will have to look at the underlying tone and message.

Finally, creating online entertainment has also evolved into the idea of curating content from others. In this instance, a blogger can compile stories from other online entertainment news sources instead of writing their own content. While this can be useful in aggregating stories, it stretches the idea of authorship in some sense.

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