Dance Is Fitness With A Twist Why You Should Consider Picking Up A Dance Form This Year

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Far from it, actually!

There are a thousand and one ways to get fit and love every minute of it. For some this could be going on morning jogs with a group of friends. For others this might mean swinging by the gym twice a week for swimming lessons. If you’re of the artistic type and eager to express yourself even as you shave off calories…look no further than your local dance studio. Private dance classes are how you get a little bit of everything one catchy, delightful package.

Are you perfect for Bachata bootcamp? What about Zumba Seattle courses? Kick up your dancing feet and pick up some know-how on why dance is one of the best ways of getting fit!

The History Of Dance

Dance has been around as long as humans have. It’s just a part of who we are! Some of the earliest archaeological proof of dance was found on 9,000 year-old cave walls in India, though it’s generally agreed upon that there are even older forms lost forever to history. Dance is found in every single culture, in one form or another, and can mean a thousand things. Sometimes it’s used in celebration, such as for a coming of age ceremony, and other times it’s used as a form of stress relief…the sky’s the limit.

Dance Forms Around The World

Throw a rock (or something a little gentler, preferably) and you’ll hit someone that’s interested in dancing. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that only gets more interesting the more you dig. Salsa dancing is perhaps one of the best known, a vibrant dance form originating from Cuba and being brought into greater prominence in the 1970’s. Ballet is a dance form iconic for its striking outfits and delicate movements, developed centuries ago in Europe. You can’t even go online without finding a new dance craze!

Popular Online Dance Crazes

Thanks to digital media it’s easier than ever to connect with others. This goes for saying hello to your past co-workers to sharing the love of dance through video. Online dance crazes transcend culture and country, with everything from the ‘whip’ to the ‘Orange Justice’ becoming popular overnight. When you reach out to a dance studio you take a slice of culture and help it bloom within you. Who knows…you could end up learning more about yourself in just one session!

The Health Benefits Of Dance

Do you want to lose a few pounds and tone some muscle? There are nearly endless health benefits to be found when you sign up for a Zumba Seattle class. Salsa dancing, on average, can burn 400 calories or more in just an hour. In fact, it’s estimated that salsa burns between five to 10 calories per minute depending on your intensity. Combine this with the social health benefits of community and a reduced risk of heart disease and you have a complete package.

Choosing The Right Dance Studio For You

Just like not everyone exercises the same, so too should you take a critical eye to your preferred dance form. You could try a Zumba Seattle class to start out and get your feet wet. You could also apply for a salsa bootcamp to master the basics. The beat of salsa music is defined by 4/4, but there are three weight changes within each measure. After six weight changes in eight beats the basic step cycle of salsa is considered complete.

If it sounds like a lot to learn…never fear! Dance studios in Seattle Washington are ready and waiting to bring some spice to your life. Which dance style will you choose?

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