Concert Wardrobe Dos And Dont’s: How To Stay Safe And Comfortable

Going to a concert means you can pull out all the stops with your wardrobe. However, some of your style choices might not last the whole night. Whether you’re looking for something cute or comfortable, here are some of the best style options for dancing the night away at a great cheap concert.


Don’t: Wear uncomfortable shoes


One of the worst parts of picking the perfect concert outfit is choosing the right shoes. Your comfortable shoes look hideous while your stylish shoes feel like a bear trap after the first hour. Unfortunately, the best thing you can do at a concert is choose the most comfortable shoes.


Luckily, concerts don’t seem to discriminate against footwear. Your live music venue will be cluttered with people looking for the best entertainment. In their fight to get to the front row, your feet might be stepped on, covered in someone else’s drink, or scuffed from dancing. When you’re standing all day, your best bet is to choose a comfortable pair of closed-toed shoes that are easy to clean at the end of the night. Save the heels for another time.


Do: Accessorize


Any outfit can benefit from a few extra accessories. Here’s how you can style for the indoor local concert and your upcoming concert outdoors.


Indoor. Don’t be afraid to layer on the necklaces and jewelry. A cross-body bag is the perfect accent to a strong look but it will also help keep your valuables safe. Most concerts ban backpacks and a shoulder bag is an easy target for thieves in a large crowd. A cross-body gives you the perfect combination of style and safety.


Outdoor. Outdoor concerts will always benefit from a pair of sharp sunglasses to beat away the worst of the sun’s rays. Complete your outdoor look with a flannel or jacket that you can tie around your waist when the weather starts to turn.


Don’t: Forget the hair tie


You can spend hours doing your hair, but a sweaty music venue can leave you gasping for air when the room fills up. Beat the concert heat with a hair tie, even if it doesn’t look as good. Only 30% of concert-goers take pictures anyway while another 17% of attendees¬†never¬†take pictures. Enjoy the music and never sacrifice comfort for the camera.


At the end of the day, your entertainment experience will only benefit from an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Experiment with different looks for the different types of entertainment shown at your local Texas events to make the most of your upcoming concert.


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