Dancing Through the Ages Some Cool Facts

Ballroom dancing lessons

Dance lessons are a great way to learn something new, to get some exercise, and to meet new people. No matter your age or your physical abilities, and no matter if you’re learning dance moves for a certain reason or just for fun, it can be a great investment to sign up for dance classes.

Here are just a few interesting facts about this fun activity:

  • The very first recorded proof of dancing is dated from a long time ago — it was found in the form of cave paintings, located in India, which are believed to date back at least 9,000 years.
  • The Ancient Egyptians used dancing for a variety of purposes, including entertainment purposes and as part of religious festivals.
  • Ballroom dancing has a very rich history! The term comes from the Latin verb “ballere,” which means “to dance,” and it’s now recognized as an Olympic sport.
  • Ballroom dancing was especially popular during the late 17th century under the rule of King Louis XIV, who founded a dance studio, the Academie Royale de Musique et de Danse in order to provide expert ballroom dancing instruction to patrons. He even created a set of rules for the dance!
  • Dancing isn’t just beneficial for staying fit and healthy; it’s also been known to relieve stress and to promote a healthier mental state.
  • These days, dance studios typically provide a variety of lessons to students of all ages. From ballroom dancing lessons to dance lessons for weddings, dance studios will have a variety of classes for dancers of all skill levels.

So now it’s time for you to decide — is it time to look for a dance studio nearby? You might just be surprised by how much you can learn and how much you’ll grow after just a few lessons!