Art And Art Consultants Helping The Field Hospitality

In The United States, a diverse range of visual artifacts are loved by many Americans. People decorate their houses, work spaces, and corporate offices with artwork. Artwork is not only visually pleasing, colorful, and imaginative. Artwork has calming properties. In a study, individuals reported that they felt less stressed after walking through an art gallery for 35 minutes and observing its artwork. Looking at artwork decreased the stress hormones in their body. So, it’s safe to say that art does incredible things to your body and mind. If you have connections to the hospitality field, (hotels) you’re a business owner, or if you work in an office, art can assist you. Here’s how art and an art consultant can help your body and mind.

Hotel Artwork

Art consultants are common in the hospitality field, specifically hotels. Hotels contact professional art consulting services as they design and launch their hotels. Art consultants help with the hotel lobby decor, and the hotel lobby design. Many of them work in designing the hotel lobby. As a hotel owner, you may believe that an art consultant is necessary to transform your hotel into a beautiful building for those traveling, on vacation, or attending work conferences. However, the artwork and art consultants do more than make a building beautiful.

The artwork, and decor, art consultants place in hotel lobbies and rooms create a relaxing atmosphere. After a tiring trip, people want to enter a facility that relaxes them. They need a relaxing environment after coming from an environment with such high levels of stress. Artwork achieves this. When people stare at the artwork in hotel lobbies, their stress and anxiety from traveling disappears. It’s identical to people viewing art in an art gallery. The hotel guest has a lower concentration of cortisol once they see the calming decor in the hotel. Artwork, quite simply, provides stress relief. Additionally, in terms of their hotel stay, many guests report satisfaction after residing in a hotel with various forms of artwork. So, artwork helps both the body and mind of the hotel guest. If you want your hotel guests to have an ideal, memorable hotel experience, artwork is necessary.

Pieces of artwork in hotel rooms do not only help the mind and body of the hotel guest. After an art consultant decorates the hotel building, employees of the hotel experience a positive change. Working in a hotel is a difficult job. Employees help guests, attempt to meet all their needs, provide them with food, and even clean their rooms. Essentially, they have various, difficult, jobs with long hours. This causes many employees to develop stress, anxiety, and work-related depression. Additionally, not being in the right mental state affects work performance. Employees may become rude when assisting guests. They may become too careless with cleanliness as well. This is ultimately unpleasant for hotel business. The satisfaction of guests decrease and hotels can receive negative reviews. There can also be a decrease in revenue, because people will not book their stays at the hotel. However, this is where art consultants and artwork come in!

Artwork helps the minds and bodies of hotel employees. For those employees experiencing stress, anxiety, work-related depression, lack of sleep, and memory problems, artwork helps with these health problems. When employees take a moment to observe the artwork in their workplace, good things happen. Similar to the hotel guest, their levels of cortisol decrease, but much more occurs. When employees look at artwork, certain areas of their brain become engaged. The areas of the brain that process emotion and pleasure are activated. Therefore, employees experience happiness as opposed to anxiety and depressed. It’s like a switch is flipped, and they are completely changed. This is all thanks to artwork.

Artwork In The Workplace

The workplace and offices also have very stressful environments. Yes, it’s true that employees thrive in a fast pace environment. However, they can also suffer in this environment. Employees are constantly moving, constantly completing tasks, and they have an ample amount of work to complete with deadlines. This causes occupational stress. Employees feel pressure, and even receive unexpected responsibilities. However, artwork heals the stresses of employees. Employers and employees then have a stress free workplace.


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