Custom Jewelry Making

In this video, you will learn about custom jewelry. There is a long process that goes into making custom pieces. Sometimes, people make requests that are really challenging to design.

Video Source

Depending on the type of metal and density, it could be very pricy to request a custom piece of jewelry. Most people think of custom jewelry and think gold and diamonds. That is the easiest part. The hardest part is getting your idea onto a sketch. The computer-aided design is where they set their diamonds and determine how heavy it is going to be. 3-D printing is another complexity o custom pieces. Some also require multiple steps of assembly. Complex pieces take a lot of skill. Getting projects started could be as simple as emailing a design to a company that makes custom pieces. Sending these places a sketch would be more helpful, but you can just tell them your idea and see what they think. If you want this piece by a certain date, it is a good idea to let the business know this. Interested in learning more? Keep watching this video for even more information.