Color Correction and Other Services for the Busy Real Estate Photographer

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Whether you specialize in providing photographs for advertising and marketing campaigns, real estate, or weddings and other celebratory events, you’re going to need color correction services on occasion. Rather than spend the time and energy to handle this yourself, why not use professional photo retouching services?

As you are aware, color correcting can make a significant difference in the overall quality of an image. It can cancel out too much of one color and enhance the intensity of another. When you’re taking a series of real estate photographs, for example, you want the finished project to be cohesive. Unless, of course, your client wants co Continue reading “Color Correction and Other Services for the Busy Real Estate Photographer”

Four Black Celebrities to Keep an Eye On

Black gossip sites

There is one thing that unites all humankind: our love for gossip sites. Celebrity gossip sites do so well that last year alone the industry generated more than $3 billion! Who is dating who, who is cheating on who, who is marrying and having babies, and who is divorcing and fighting for custody for who. The good, the bad, and the ugly; we love knowing the latest celebrity news that these gossip sites feed us.

One sector of the gossip site industry that is growing particularly fast is black celebrity news. Between primarily black and wildly popular T.V. shows like Empire and Black-ish that have grown huge followings, and black hit movies such as Hidden Figures, and the rise of Continue reading “Four Black Celebrities to Keep an Eye On”