Who Doesn’t Love a Great Outdoor Party? Choose Sailcloth

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Whatever party you are planning, there is no doubt that an outdoor party can’t be beat. From having a casual backyard party to a sweet sixteen, outdoor parties are sauve, relaxing, and all-around fun. Great for children as well as adults, an outdoor party is just the thing to celebrate that special event or someone.

Planning a party can be quite taxing. From ordering food and sending out invitations to hiring a band and picking out decorations, having an outdoor party is, ironically, a lot of work! Which is exactly why when you are planning, for exam Continue reading “Who Doesn’t Love a Great Outdoor Party? Choose Sailcloth”

Native American Arts and Crafts Culture


Native Americans have been on this continent for hundreds of years before European explorers reached the shores of the nation. Known as an agricultural and hunting culture, Native Americans created their own tools and weapons to survive and thrive in nature. In addition to survival skills they honed with products of their own making, Native American arts and crafts were a big part of their social identity and culture.

Native American Hunting
Native Americans hunted the animals that were indigenous to the area in which they lived. Coastal Native Americans survived on salmon, ducks, geese, and shellfish. Other tribes hunted larger wild game, including elk, deer, turkeys, rabbit, and other wild animals. Native American crafts included making new tools and weapons from the remains of th Continue reading “Native American Arts and Crafts Culture”