Fashion Photographers, Get Started With These Tips

Fashion photographer

Are you an aspiring fashion photographer? Breaking into the big leagues — or establishing a name for yourself — takes time, patience, and dedication. Success and quality photography can, on one hand, be highly individual. There are some basic principles that can get you started, however. Here’s what you need to know:

Keep It Simple

Even famous photographers know to keep it simple. Including too many elements clutters photographs. “Less is more. Throwing together too many visual elements can overwhelm an audience and obscure your message. A simple image can contain multiple layers of meaning wh Continue reading “Fashion Photographers, Get Started With These Tips”

The Facts About Video SEO Services

Video for seo

Now that online marketing and search engine optimization have become basic components every company’s marketing plan, the stakes are even higher when it comes to finding a new, more effective way of advertising online. That being said, video SEO services just might be the perfect way for companies to gain an edge over their competitors.

If you spend any time online, you are aware that web marketing corporate videos have already been around for years. In fact, you might even find it annoying that there’s no way around watching all of those 30 second marketing videos before you can view your favorite YouTube videos. But it is impossible to deny the fact that web video prod Continue reading “The Facts About Video SEO Services”

The Exciting Benefits of Attending an Authentic Elvis Show

Elvis aloha from hawaii dvd

Did you know that Elvis Presley starred in 31 feature films? Elvis was known for his acting and singing abilities, and he began his successful career with an investment of four dollars to produce his first record. Despite Elvis’ untimely death, his shows still live on. Authentic Elvis shows continue to be performed in Hawaii, which allow attendees to experience “The King” like never before.

Modern Elvis performances are similar to the “Aloha from Hawaii” show. This show was broadcast live via satellite in January of 1973, and it was seen in over 40 different countries. Although the broadcast of the performance was aired two months later in the United States, this show was the fir Continue reading “The Exciting Benefits of Attending an Authentic Elvis Show”

Learn to Shred Like Your Favorite Guitarists

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A study published in The Psychology of Music puts an end to the debate; guitarists are hotter than their less musically inclined peers, research shows. During the study, the Universite de Bretagne-Sud in France recorded the results when a male subject asked women on a date in three different scenarios: while the subject was carrying a gym bag, when he carried nothing, and when he flaunted a guitar case. The most women agreed to a date with the presumed guitarist.

Looking the part, however, is not enough for most serious musicians. Mastering the guitar is a long and complicated process, and even world-famous guitarists strive to outdo each other. What is one of the techniques they are most likely to show off?

Shredding to Show Off

Ulrich Roth, gu Continue reading “Learn to Shred Like Your Favorite Guitarists”

The Importance of Music and the Benefits of Learning How to Play an Instrument

Virtual cello

Music is an artistic form of communication using sound via musical instruments to produce sounds and tones. Musical instruments are almost as old as mankind, and the oldest known song dates back 4,000 years ago. All cultures, both past and present, have their own form of music. Although it’s not certain when the first musical instrument was invented, most historians point to early flutes made from animal bones that are at least 37,000 years old.

Playing an instrument is not only a way to enjoy music on an entirely different level, it’s an art-form that helps improve motor-skills and increases hand-eye coordination. In addition, research shows that playing an instrument is an effective method for increasing your memory capabilities and stimulating your brain. Research also suggests that learning to play an instr Continue reading “The Importance of Music and the Benefits of Learning How to Play an Instrument”