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Lohan Revealed to Oprah her Struggles with Addiction

Entertainment news online

We love reading the latest celebrity gossip. Though it is a good idea to be informed about local, national and international events, sometimes we need a break from heavy news of shootings and war for our own mental health. For this reason, entertainment news online is often a great source of information. Here are four interesting updates we caught sight of just this week.

1. 1,000 Hours Community Service for Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been ordered to perform another 1,000 hours of community service because of a hit and run that occurred earlier this year, supposedly due to a random seizure. Because of this, Brown has had to cancel a series of Canadian concerts in order to accomadate his probation reassignment. Brown is well known for getting into legal trouble after beating up h

The Top 4 Advantages to Getting Entertainment News Online

Entertainment tonight online

In order to pass some free time during the day, or simply procrastinate from doing work, many individuals will want to read up on all of the latest Hollywood, like the name of the Royal Baby. While some will enjoy getting a couple of magazine subscriptions and having printed publications that they can pull out of their bag and read, many will prefer the ability to get information right away by getting entertainment news online instead. Though flipping through magazine pages casually is a great way to relax, there are several advantages to reading online entertainment websites and articles.

1. Speed

In order to find interesting articles and commentary in a magazine, readers will have to pour through page after page of stuff that they might not care about at all. However, by reading entertainment

Evaluating Online Entertainment News

Entertainment weekly online

Entertainment news online runs the gamut from well thought out criticisms of performances to simple blogging about the latest celebrity meltdown. Your online entertainment choices are only limited by your imagination and interests.

In addition to typical online entertainment sources, you can view reactions to the todays performances at various social media sites. As soon as a celebrity does something even vaguely newsworthy, there are probably tweets and social media posts referencing the story.

It used to be that Entertainment Weekly online or Entertainment Tonight online were the two resources for major celebrity news and gossip. These days, even a fan on the street can publish news stories almost instantly. With the advent of the camera phone, online entertainment can be updated instantly to r

Four Big Updates in Entertainment News

Entertainment tonight online

Are you looking for the latest in online entertainment news? There are a lot of ways you can access entertainment news today, from online magazines to videos and more. Here are some of the most recent updates to hit the columns.

First, the bassist from Mumford and Sons, Ted Dwayne, was rushed to the hospital for a blood clot that occurred in his brain. The band reported that he had been feeling unwell for several days before finally going to the emergency room. Entertainment tonight online sites say that current Mumford and Sons shows are postponed until further rescheduling.

Second, entertainment tonight online sources report that family battles rage over who will become the legal guardian of Paris Jackson, if a decision is to be made. The daughter of the late international superstar, Michael Jackson, Paris recently attempted suicide and has shown other potential indication of mental distress. Some sources have indicated that Debbie Rowe might be chosen as guardianship. Entertainment news online says that the judge is going to determine whether their grandmother, Katherine, is able to take adequately take care of the three Jackson children.

Third, entertainment weekly online sources indicate that Amanda Bynes has reportedly been arrested, yet she has responded saying it is lies and that she was harassed by cops during her arrest, although supposedly witnesses saw nothing of the sort occur. However, it is clear from paparazzi photos that Bynes is being harassed by someone, though in this case, it is the paparazzi. An image clearly shows a reporter pulling at a scarf she keeps around her face as she tried to enter her apartment building. Are we really participating in a healthy entertainment tonight online media environment when a clearly troubled former child star cannot enter her own home without having strangers touch her and try to rile her up?

Fourth, entertainment tonight online posts note that the Bachelorette took an unexpected turn this week when Des found out that one of her potential men definitely was not there for the right reasons. Why? He already had a girlfriend, back at home! Brian denies it when confronted, only to find out that his girlfriend, Stephanie, was actually there on site. It seems likely that his motivations to be on the show were more about the perks of reality tv than about actually falling in love.

More Americans Getting Entertaiment News Online

Online entertainment

Millions of Americans find online entertainment in some form every single day. There are websites that stream videos, episodes of television series, full length films, and sporting events. There is also a large selection of literature, countless gaming sites, and an unlimited number of photographs on the internet to keep us entertained. It seems like a natural progression that many people are now also getting their entertainment news online.

Getting most of their entertainment news online is preferred by a good percentage of the population. If you are looking for some type of entertainment tonight online information may be the most up to date. Printed resources, and even televised information, takes some time to go out to the public. Website information can be updated in a matter of minutes, and immediately posted online.

Several people check entertainment weekly online. Others like to check entertainment news online several times a day. Some only check for entertainment news online when one of their favorite celebrities has been in the news, or has live event coming up, or a new movie being released. Whether you are a sports fan, a reality television fan, a fan of science fiction movies or any other form of entertainment, you should have no trouble finding entertainment news online that interests you.

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