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Know What the Latest Celebrity Gossip is? Three Updates

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Many people are interested in hearing the latest celebrity news. Why? Entertainment tonight online news gives people something they can discuss with almost any person. Here are some of the latest entertainment news updates that you can talk about with your friends and co workers.

First, entertainment tonight online reports that Rachel Uchital has seperated from her husband Matt Hahn, who cited cruel and inhuman treatment as the reason for divorce. It is not clear who is being accused of divorce, though Uchital has had to call NYC police about Hahn before. She is asking for custody of their daughter Wyatt as well as child and spousal support. Online entertainment notes that Uchital is famous for being one of the mistresses of Tiger Woods.

Second, Amanda Bynes has reportedly been arrested for throwing a bong out of her window. She has responded saying she was assaulted by the police, not arrested, although witnesses to the incident say that they saw no foul play to Amanda. Bynes has been all over entertainment news online lately, clearly spiraling out of control in a fit of strange and often spiteful twitter messages, in addition to her court appearance wearing a bizarre looking blond wig.

It is clear from photos, however, that Bynes has been harassed by someone. In this case, it is the paparazzi. There are photos of a photographer grabbing at a scarf she is using to cover her face as she walks to her apartment building. It becomes clear that the entertainment tonight online media obsession with Bynes is unhealthy if a mentally troubled person is being harassed every time they step outside their home.

Third, entertainment tonight online says that this week the Bachelorette took quite the unexpected turn when Des confronted potential beau Brian about a girlfriend he had back home. Brian denied the accusation, only to be quite embarrassed when Des announced that, actually, the girlfriend was here to see him. Stephanie, the girlfriend, was there and angry, though that was probably an act, as entertainment weekly online notes. Like most people on the Bachelorette, his continued statements of being there for the right reasons were very clearly not true, unless you define the right reasons as wanting to be on a reality show that goes to tropical vacation locations.

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