Entertainment Tonight Online strives to be your top blog for important news and juicy gossip about the entertainment world. We cover a variety of entertainment topics, such as, what’s going on in Hollywood this week? What are your favorite celebrities up to today? Which shows just got renewed for another season? My name is Ben Davidson, and I have my finger on the pulse of the media. I’ve been interested in entertainment journalism for most of my life and I was always fascinated by the entertainment world and gossip that you find in tabloids. Thanks to the democratizing power of the internet, I can turn my dream into a reality. I have the opportunity to contribute to the great, constant, eternal conversation that is the US celebrity news circuit. Looking at and discussing the lives of the most famous members of society can provide us with insight into our own lives. I hope that my blog helps you to discover some useful ideas and insights. You should stick around for some great news, articles, and more about the wide world of entertainment, which you won’t want to miss!


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