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How to Find the Best Red Wine

Choosing the best fine red wine for any occasion can be difficult, particularly if you’re just not sure where to start. Do you start with French red wines? Italian red wines? Australian? The options are virtually endless.

Whether you’re hosting an event or just want a good bottle to pair with dinner, there’s one good way to start your selection process: the taste test. You start by red wine online shopping and trying what you buy. Here are your categories and price ranges.

$10 to $15 Red Wines
In this price range, you should consider alternatives to your well known red wines. Instead of Cabernet Sauvignon, opt for Nero d’Avola, Monastrell, or Petite Sirah. Wines such as these and more are often developed in countries such as Portugal, Spain, and Australia and can be quite inexpensive (but still delicious).

$15 to $20 Red Wines
This price range will get you a wide variety of red wines, just about anything you might want. You can still focus on the regions listed above for great tasting wines, including Chile, South Africa, and Argentina. You may also want to consider Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Malbec.

$20 to $30 Red Wines
You can get some very delicious red wines from wineries right here in America for this price. Great red wines from California and the Finger Lakes fall within this range, and there are so many options to choose from. In fact, California accounts for over 90% of all wine produced in the United States, so there are some great finds out there. You can start looking at blends as well, some of which might include Cabernet Franc, Lemberger, Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir. Many of these grapes can be German, French, and Italian.

$30 and Up
The options are actually endless at this price range, and bottles can get up into the triple digits. You may find a bourbon-blended Barbara particularly indulging, yet depending on the bottle they can get pretty pricey. Because you can a wider range of fine wines at this price, take care in your pairings and consider the elements of your event (time, season, etc).

Both in-person or red wine online shopping can be equally beneficial, but you may find more online. Have fun with your taste test, and as always, drink responsibly.

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Two Things to Consider When Looking at Tent Rentals

Tent Rentals can completely change the way a party or wedding feels to your guests. They provide shelter from the hot sun, or worst case scenario the rain, and can be an affordable option to host in comparison to renting a building or room out for the day. Here are two very important things to consider when looking at tent rentals for hosting your outdoor event:


You want each of your guest to sit comfortably and not be too close to each other when attending your event. The most important thing to think about when planning seating or spacing is to base it off the number of people attending. Once you’ve estimated your guest count, you can figure out the number of square feet that you will need in your tent. Take your number of guests times: 15 square feet for seating at tables; 6 square feet for standing area or cocktail area; 8 square feet for a wedding ceremony or guests seate

The Breakdown on Barolo Wines: What You Need to Know

People love wine. In 2017, total wine sales were $62.7 billion in the United States alone. Unfortunately, not many are able or willing to try wines from other places like France or Italy. Mostly because they aren’t sure what to expect. So for the wine lover that wants to try fine Italian red wines, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover Barolo wines.

What Are Barolo Wines?
Barolo is a fine red wine that is produced in the Piedmont region of Italy. The grape used to make the wine is called Nebbiolo, which is a small red grape varietal with thin skin and is usually high in acid and tannins. This particular varietal is one of the first to undergo budbreak (the first sign of life) but is the last one to be picked. A Nebbiolo harvest typically takes place towards the end of October. Barolo wines are only made from Nebbiolo, nothing else.

The wines tend to be rich and full-bodied and are a strong competitor to the Burgundy, a fine French red wine similar to a Pinot Noir. Aromatically, Barolo wines commonly smell of rose flower, tar, and dried herbs. Barolo wines are aged for a minimum of two years in oak and one in bottle, and Riserva labels require three years in oak and two in bottle. Riserva labeling is used when the wine has been aged for at least five years, indicating a longer reserve. They have a minimum of 13% alcohol content.

When Should You Drink It?
Even though it comes off as being a luxurious bottle of wine made only for the finest of wine drinkers, Barolo is actually one of few wines at its price point that can be both collected and considered a daily drinking wine. It is great for spring and summer outdoor grill outs, an earthy dish in the fall, or a juicy steak during the winter. The best time to drink it is with friends and family, with your significant other, or by yourself.

You don’t need to go to Italy to buy Barolo either, you can buy it online. In fact, you can buy French red wine online if you want. Or Spanish. It doesn’t have to be a red either. Where you get it doesn’t matter, just that you enjoy it.

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