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3 Basic Tips to Preserve Community Beautification

Anti graffiti laminate

According to estimates from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, graffiti comprises about 35% of all incidences of vandalism, with about 10% classified as gang graffiti. While graffiti may seem like a mere passive-aggressive form of youth anger displacement, and may not be directly affecting locals’ day-to-day life, a number of U.S. cities’ annual maintenance costs reveal cleanup of graffiti alone consumes about $1 to $3 per person. This amounts to at least $319 million worth of tax money!

The key to cutting back on these expenses is prevention. While it may take a longer time and considerably more resources to address the actual root of property vandalism — youth education and value formation, and the tangent effects of low income in an area — local governments are wise to invest in anti-graf

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