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These Magic Tricks Aren’t For The Faint-Hearted

Corporate magician

For years, Americans have largely and unfairly dismissed professional magicians as one trick ponies. Tricks like pulling a white rabbit out of a top hat are deemed “the norm,” while many illusions and tricks are — in fact — much more complicated and much more dangerous. Magicians like David Blaine, however, are shattering the illusions of magicians for birthday parties and kids only (think magicians with flashy costumes and coattails).

What Is Adult Magic?

Tricks suitable for children can be fun — but there are many more tricks that will easily demand adults’ attention, too. For example, Blaine is world-famous for his ice pick “illusion,” a trick that involves guiding a real ice pick all the way through his hand. (There has been some debate and talk about him a

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