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How to Find Your Instrument’s Sound in Three Easy Steps

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“God gave rock and roll to you, put it in the soul of everyone,” Rod Argent once sang. Later, KISS sang the same song as a celebration of the eternal triumphant of rock (and thus the powers of good) over evil, tyrannical overlords of the future as per the 1991 film Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. They weren’t wrong. Some believe rock and roll truly does have the everlasting power to conquer any struggle — especially when it comes to pain, fear or heartbreak.

But where millions of rock fans pack stadiums around the globe, dozens of jazz fans cram into buzzy cafes and scores of souls chant in unison at hip-hop shows to feel the same thing. When it comes to music, everyone chases the same thing: that collective moment of release. Live music in particular has transformative qualities, and so

On the Market for Acoustic Sound Gear? Here’s Where to Start

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Back in the ’90s, a three-member band from a tiny town in Washington state changed the landscape for modern rock music. Their name was Nirvana — you may have heard of them. These guys made a serious racket, and the public dug it. Their albums went platinum, they toured the world, and then their lead singer and songwriter shot himself in the back of the head.

Despite the tragedy, their legacy lives on, even today. Nirvana helped usher in a series of not-quite-as-good rock bands that tried to ape their sound, to diminishing returns. But music historians tend to gloss over the other styles that were coming up in the ’90s and early 2000s that continued to gain traction, especially in the independent scenes. One of the biggest ones was folk (and, to a certain degree, folk rock).

Jack Johnson. Jason

Video Marketing is Alive and Kicking Three Tips You Should Know

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Why should you use video for SEO? Many people thought that “internet would kill the video format,” so to say. Instead, video marketing has become more effective and popular than ever. Thanks to sites like Youtube, ads are not just something people sit through on the TV — it’s something they’re often actively searching for if the ad is funny or informative enough. Not to mention that any ads you display on online sites are going to give easy links for people to click on so that they can find out more about your product or service.

It’s worth noting that

Product Photographers Put the Focus on Their Passion

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If you have ever considered a career in photography, there is a huge market for commercial photography. As a professional product photographer, you are conducting commercial photography for companies of all sizes. These organizations need photographers for their product advertising, corporate events and promotions.

Commercial photography alone accounts for an estimated 25% of all US photography related revenue in the United States. Namely, product advertising photographers are in high demand across corporate America.

As a professional product photographer, trained on how to manipulate light, you will be capturing company product

Boise Idaho, Come for the Outdoors, Stay for the Nightlife

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If you’re considering a trip out west, you should take a look at Boise, Idaho. A bustling city full of life, the growing city of Boise offers all the advantages of a big city and tons of fun things to do outside. A growing metro area of over half a million people, there are more thing to do today in Boise than ever before.

The attractions and events in boise are first class. The number of things to do outside are innumerable. To name a few, they include Barber Park, one of the most popular picnic areas in the state, the Discovery Center of Idaho hands on learning center, The Boise Idaho Zoo- home to over 200 animals- and the scenic Arrowrock Reservoir.

Aside from all the family fun day ideas you are

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