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Lohan Revealed to Oprah her Struggles with Addiction

Entertainment news online

We love reading the latest celebrity gossip. Though it is a good idea to be informed about local, national and international events, sometimes we need a break from heavy news of shootings and war for our own mental health. For this reason, entertainment news online is often a great source of information. Here are four interesting updates we caught sight of just this week.

1. 1,000 Hours Community Service for Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been ordered to perform another 1,000 hours of community service because of a hit and run that occurred earlier this year, supposedly due to a random seizure. Because of this, Brown has had to cancel a series of Canadian concerts in order to accomadate his probation reassignment. Brown is well known for getting into legal trouble after beating up h

Need to Plan a Wedding Reception? Your Options for Colors, Linens and Tents

Linen rentals for weddings

Did you know that about two million weddings take place in the U.S. every year? If you are planning a wedding, you know how much work goes into the process. The average couple, in fact, spend 18 months planning the whole event out. An important part of the event is the reception that takes place after the ceremony, and there are several items you will need for the occasion. Here are three easy tips for having an affordable, beautiful, and less stressful wedding reception.

1. Plan a Color Scheme

If you want to reduce planning stress, color schemes, though seemingly complicated, will actually simplify the planning process. Instead of looking at every possible flower color for a centerpiece, for example, you would only be looking for red and turquoise options. Instead of checking o

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