Video Marketing is Alive and Kicking Three Tips You Should Know

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Why should you use video for SEO? Many people thought that “internet would kill the video format,” so to say. Instead, video marketing has become more effective and popular than ever. Thanks to sites like Youtube, ads are not just something people sit through on the TV — it’s something they’re often actively searching for if the ad is funny or informative enough. Not to mention that any ads you display on online sites are going to give easy links for people to click on so that they can find out more about your product or service.

It’s worth noting that

Product Photographers Put the Focus on Their Passion

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If you have ever considered a career in photography, there is a huge market for commercial photography. As a professional product photographer, you are conducting commercial photography for companies of all sizes. These organizations need photographers for their product advertising, corporate events and promotions.

Commercial photography alone accounts for an estimated 25% of all US photography related revenue in the United States. Namely, product advertising photographers are in high demand across corporate America.

As a professional product photographer, trained on how to manipulate light, you will be capturing company product

Boise Idaho, Come for the Outdoors, Stay for the Nightlife

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If you’re considering a trip out west, you should take a look at Boise, Idaho. A bustling city full of life, the growing city of Boise offers all the advantages of a big city and tons of fun things to do outside. A growing metro area of over half a million people, there are more thing to do today in Boise than ever before.

The attractions and events in boise are first class. The number of things to do outside are innumerable. To name a few, they include Barber Park, one of the most popular picnic areas in the state, the Discovery Center of Idaho hands on learning center, The Boise Idaho Zoo- home to over 200 animals- and the scenic Arrowrock Reservoir.

Aside from all the family fun day ideas you are

Five Surprising Facts You May Not Know about Video Advertising

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More and more companies and advertisers are taking to the web to join in the boom of online video marketing. Approximately 81% of senior marketing executives currently use video marketing as part of their advertising campaigns, and many studies and surveys show the countless benefits of using marketing videos on the Internet.

Here are five interesting facts you might not have known about online video marketing and advertising:

1. Online marketing videos are accessible from anywhere, any time: Internet users can watch video marketing from virtually any device at any time. This means companies are able to reach more people who have on-the-go lifestyles and might not watch traditional TV advertisements.

2. It’s cost-effective: Because online advertising videos stay on the Internet for a

Dance Lessons Make For Perfect Workout

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There are several different workouts and ways to lose weight. For many couples the chance to work out together just does not exist. But there is one workout were you can do it with your significant other where you are both on the same level; dancing.

The U.S. dance studio industry has long helped Americans not only get ready for their wedding but promotes a healthy lifestyle. The U.S. dance studio industry employs an estimated 48,860 people. The U.S. dance studio industry has generated an estimated $2.1 billion of revenue.

Dancing can help you not only in childhood or before your wedding but can have long term effects. The New England Journal of Medicine found that regular dance classes may help improve memory and reduce risks of dementia. Your local dance studio can get you interested at a young age as they

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