3 Basic Tips to Preserve Community Beautification

Anti graffiti laminate

According to estimates from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, graffiti comprises about 35% of all incidences of vandalism, with about 10% classified as gang graffiti. While graffiti may seem like a mere passive-aggressive form of youth anger displacement, and may not be directly affecting locals’ day-to-day life, a number of U.S. cities’ annual maintenance costs reveal cleanup of graffiti alone consumes about $1 to $3 per person. This amounts to at least $319 million worth of tax money!

The key to cutting back on these expenses is prevention. While it may take a longer time and considerably more resources to address the actual root of property vandalism — youth education and value formation, and the tangent effects of low income in an area — local governments are wise to invest in anti-graf

Dancing Through the Ages Some Cool Facts

Ballroom dancing lessons

Dance lessons are a great way to learn something new, to get some exercise, and to meet new people. No matter your age or your physical abilities, and no matter if you’re learning dance moves for a certain reason or just for fun, it can be a great investment to sign up for dance classes.

Here are just a few interesting facts about this fun activity:

  • The very first recorded proof of dancing is dated from a long time ago — it was found in the form of cave paintings, located in India, which are believed to date back at least 9,000 years.
  • The Ancient Egyptians used dancing for a variety of purposes, including entertainment purposes and as part of religious festivals.
  • Ballroom dancing has a very rich history! The term comes from the Latin verb “ballere,” whi

A Few of the Greatest Pieces Created by the Greatest Glass Artist Our World Has Ever Seen

Ann wolff

Glass is one of the most interesting, fragile, and adaptable mediums that an artist can use to create a sculpture. Glass sculptures have been produced by fine artists since the Ancient Egyptian days, and some such antiquities have even survived to star in modern art exhibitions.

Glass sculptures are molded and created a number of ways. Glass blown scuplture is created from molten glass shaped on the end of a blowpipe. Hot glass sculpting that is carefully arranged while it is so hot that it is in a semi-fluid state. Cold glass sculpting is delicately ground, sand-blasted, and polish

More Than Just Sleight of Hand The Modern Magician

Magicians for birthday parties

Abracadabra? That’s so yesterday! Today’s professional magicians have moved far past the world of pulling rabbits out of hats. They practice a more sophisticated brand of showmanship, involving sleight of hand and a flair for the dramatic. Some even claim to have the power of mind-reading; mentalists often “wow” during their shows by calling out and sharing the private thoughts of their audience members. A full-time magician may make as much as $50,000 a year by serving as a corporate magician or private party en

These Magic Tricks Aren’t For The Faint-Hearted

Corporate magician

For years, Americans have largely and unfairly dismissed professional magicians as one trick ponies. Tricks like pulling a white rabbit out of a top hat are deemed “the norm,” while many illusions and tricks are — in fact — much more complicated and much more dangerous. Magicians like David Blaine, however, are shattering the illusions of magicians for birthday parties and kids only (think magicians with flashy costumes and coattails).

What Is Adult Magic?

Tricks suitable for children can be fun — but there are many more tricks that will easily demand adults’ attention, too. For example, Blaine is world-famous for his ice pick “illusion,” a trick that involves guiding a real ice pick all the way through his hand. (There has been some debate and talk about him a

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